Wheregoes? - 301 Tracker

Have you ever wanted to track 301 and 302 redirects for the sake of SEO, competitive intelligence and development? Well, now you can with the Wheregoes 301 tracker!

Wheregoes allows you to track the exact path that a browser or search engine spider goes through when following a link. Using Wheregoes you can improve your site's SEO by eliminating unnecessary redirects and tracking where old redirects lead. A good area to examine is top directories in your site - did you know that when you enter yoursite.com/topdir it gets redirected to yoursite.com/topdir/? Now you can avoid the delay of a redirect and link to the latter version of the URL instead.

Wheregoes lets you track 301 redirects in order to see what your competitors are doing to rank high in search engines. Many professional SEOs use Apache mod_rewrite to create 301 and 302 redirects. Sometimes these redirects are chained together, and your browser follows them faster than you can see which URLs it went through. Now, just by entering the initial URL in Wheregoes, you can trace the redirects along their path - and make conclusions regarding your own site SEO structure.

Finally, you can track 301 redirects in the course of development work. You can see exactly which URLs are chained together and to diagnose any problems along the way. Now you have a tool that lets you track redirects at a leisurly pace, where you would have needed to create manual HTTP requests through the command line to see the actual locations of redirects.

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