Wheregoes? - An Affiliate Link Tracer

Wheregoes is a great tool for affiliate link intelligence (affiliate link tracing). It can be used by online affiliates for a very important purpose: seeing all the networks a particular affiliate link goes through. Wheregoes allows affiliates to take one of their affiliate links (or one of their competitors'), and see how many tracking redirects it goes to. This is useful because some affiliate offers are syndicated from one network to another. In a nutshell, this means that the original network on which an offer runs has another network as an affiliate. This end network then has a second level of affiliates - the actual individual persons.

By tracing the affiliate links with Wheregoes, that last level of affiliates can see if their network is being an unnecessary middleman between them and the original network running the offer. The last redirect before the actual offer is the original network running the offer. Knowing this original network, an affiliate can then sign up directly with them, and earn more in commissions (because there isn't another affiliate network taking a cut).

An example of cutting out the middleman:

Aff. Link -> NetworkTracker1 -> TrackSystem007 -> DragonNet -> Landing Page

Once you use the Wheregoes affiliate link tracer, you are able to see that the above affiliate link goes through 3 tracking systems before going to the final landing page. DragonNet is the network closest to the end merchant, and it is reasonable to assume that it syndicated the offer to TrackSystem007, which syndicated it to another network (taking a cut along the way). You are actually a member of the network which runs NetworkTracker1.

Knowing this information, you'd go and sign up with the owners of the DragonNet tracker and will cut out 2 layers of middlement. Result: bigger commissions for you.

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