Wheregoes? - A Redirect Tracer

Do you work at an affiliate network? An online ad network?
Then you will like this great redirect tracer!

Ad Networks
Why do you need to use a redirect tracer? Simple - to troubleshoot your ads when they break. Its helpful to be able to trace all of the redirects an ad goes through because when an ad is served it always goes through many stages. Besides your own ad server, there may be a content server such as Akamai involved, a click tracking server (which just tracks statistics), and, finally, the actual server on which the creative resides.

When an ad is not being served properly, it may be due to a failure in any one of these systems. Is the problem on your end? your client's end? the media-repository's end? Now you can know!. Wheregoes is the direct answer to the lack of other ad redirect tracers. Now it allows you to troubleshoot your ads and know precisely where the fault lies.

Affiliate Networks
Affiliate managers and account managers at affiliate networks can especially benefit from Wheregoes, the redirect tracer. Wheregoes is a great troubleshooting tool for networks that syndicate their offers from larger networks, or who help out their affiliates diagnose problems with their affiliate links. When an affiliate link fails, this can be a failure at the syndicating network, on the affiliate's end (if they're using a tracker such as Prosper 202), or on the merchant's end.

Wheregoes allows affiliate and account managers to enter the malfunctioning URL, and see the path that the link takes. There is a now a way to see exactly where the link fails - whether it be due to a timeout or a nonexistent file. Use the Wheregoes redirect tracer and lower your downtime.

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