WhereGoes was originally created in 2008 to trace affiliate links and 301 redirects when troubleshooting. It quickly became evident that it could be used for more than just the initial purposes such as tracking ad fraud, finding broken links, and chain redirects for backlinks. As a result, WhereGoes has grown in popularity over the years and has been referenced by some of the largest brands in the SEO and advertising industries.

It is an honor to be mentioned:

Search Engine Journal: The 109 Best SEO Tools That Are Totally Free

AHREFS: 45 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried & Tested)

AdRoll: The 35 Top Free SEO Tools Available Anywhere

LinkIO: Best SEO Tools of 2020

The people and history behind WhereGoes

In 2008 Jacob in Toronto, Canada created the original code base. A few years later, he sold it to his friend Geoff at Adfluent Media. In December 2020, Steven Ayers, a developer and avid user of the site, acquired it with the goal of updating the codebase and expanding its features.

I have been using WhereGoes since 2014 to track down redirect loops and verify backlinks for SEO work. I was interested in building a tool like this, but did not want to compete with this iconic tool. Instead, I thought it would be best to improve this tool. I am grateful that Geoff was willing to part with it and allow me to continue further the development of it.

I look forward to seeing where it goes.


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